Compliance under Factories Act 

Compliance under Factories Act 

Legal Compliance is the minimum standard to be followed in any industry. We have technical expertise in providing all compliance solutions related to the Factories Act 1948 and State Factories Rules


On Site Emergency Plan :

We have prepared On-Site Emergency Plan is required as per rule Rule 68-J of Gujarat Factories Rules 1963 (2004) in Schedule – 8A and Schedule – 11 (Rule-13(1)) of MSIHC Rules, 1989(2000) and as per Rule 102  Schedule XIX (Chemical Works) of Gujarat Factories Rules 1963 (2004)  for many factories. We also help in conducting emergency drills and fire drills at site.


Third Party Safety Audit :

We conduct Third Party Safety Audit as per IS – 14489(1998) and Para 9(2) of Rule 68(J) of Gujarat Factories Rules 1963(2, Para 3 of section 7-A of The Factories Act – 1948 (1987) and Rule 10 (4 to 6) of MSIHC Rules, 1989.

Safety Report (Schedule – 8) :

We prepare and update Safety Report in Schedule-8 as per Rule 68-J(9)(1) of Gujarat Factory Rules-1963  and Rule 10(1) of MSIHC Rules 1989.

Disclosure of Information :

Disclosure of Information (In English & Gujarati Language) for compliance under Section 41B, 41C, 41G, & 41H of the Factories act 1948 (1987) , Rule – 68K, 68P & 68L of Gujarat Factories Rules – 1963 and Rule 15 of MSIHC Rules, 1989(2000) under EPA-1986. We have prepared information booklets for disclosure of information to workers and to the general public. We also provide MSDS authoring services as per Indian and international regulations

Risk Assessment :

Risk Assessment as per Rule 68 (J)- (10)(2), and Rule 68-0(4)(e) of Gujarat Factories Rules 1963.

Schedule – 7(Notification of Industrial Activity) for compliance under Rule 68 –J(7)(1),(8) of The Gujarat Factories Rules – 1963 and Rule 7 & 8 of MSIHC Rules 1989

Fire Safety Audit-

We conduct Fire safety audit as per Rule 66- A of Gujarat Factories Rules 1963

Fire Load calculations

We perform Fire load calculations as per Rule 66-A-(11)

Factories Act compliance audit

We conduct compliance audit for legal Health and Safety compliance for Factories Act 1948 and State Factories Rules

Occupation personal exposure monitoring


  • Work place monitoring (Form 37) as per Factories Act
  • Occupational exposure to hazardous substances as per Factories Act and ACGIH norms
  • Ventilation survey
  • Area monitoring
  • Occupational noise exposure and area noise monitoring as per Section 87 of Factories Act 1948
  • Illumination survey as per Indian Standard IS 6665, IS 3646 & Factories Act, 1948
  • Vibration survey as per Rule 102 Schedule XXIII Gujarat Factories Rules and Section 87 of The Factories Act 1948