Emergency Response Planning

Emergency Response Planning


A key element of Business continuity planning is a clear understanding of what could go wrong and what systems are required to respond to each plausible event. Understanding of the impacts of an emergency event and what systems are required to respond to each plausible event are basic elements of any emergency response planning.

Ark Safety can assist its clients in the development of emergency response scenario plans. We can also prepare on-site emergency response plan as per statutory requirements in The Factories Act 1948, State Factories Rules and Manufacture Storage and import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules (MSIHCE Rules). Emergency response plan (ERP) provides the necessary information to deal with such emergencies. ERP is an effective tool for training of personnel and testing of systems against the requirements of each scenario.

The key steps in the development of an Emergency Response Scenario Plan are as follows:

  1. Hazard Identification
  2. Consequence Assessment (QRA)
  3. Identification of Existing Protection and Mitigation Systems and assessment of adequacy
  4. Determination of System Performance Requirements
  5. Identification of Additional Protection and Mitigation Systems Requirements


We also provide trainings on emergency response to all personals involved in emergency response including top management, middle management and emergency responders.

Ark safety can also assist it clients on developing transport emergency response plan for transportation of dangerous goods by road, sea or air.