EHS Audits

Many companies already conduct their own safety audits, with many organizations monitoring their safety systems, facilities, procedures, and personnel monthly. Paying to have an outside auditor visit once or twice a year may not appear to be necessary. Plant personnel are concerned about problems with their day-to-day operations so they may not be as attentive to all the necessary details. We can devote all our attention to your facility.

But in a highly competitive market, where safety is essential using impartial and fresh “sets of eyes” to further scrutinize their operations from a different perspective provides powerful insurance against potential problems and will save you company thousands of dollars in insurance premiums. Our safety consultant can provide a variety of services to ensure you are fully compliant and have less chance of an accident that can cost your business not just money, but your reputation as well. We specialize in

Third Party Safety Audit

Construction Safety Audit

Fire Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit

Regulatory Compliance Audit